Cognitive AI platform.

Cogisen has developed its artificial intelligence platform to extract temporal models from a wide variety of data input types. Engineered from the ground up Cogisen’s patented technology can be implemented in AI applications that are software-only and hardware agnostic.


Compression product.

SENCOGI® is an industry-leading product, a visual complexity model which can predict eye fixations. SENCOGI® can plug into encoders and run in real time on current server, mobile or programmable hardware platforms. Billions of videos have been encoded for H.264 with SENCOGI®.

Read the Sencogi Fact Sheet here.


Machine Learning Accelerator.

The Machine Learning Accelerator enables applications to integrate temporal data into their models and run use cases at the network edge without additional hardware requirements.  It remaps raw data as blocks of information allowing the realtime models to extract meaning and infer relations among different elements within an image, video or any other data type.  This pre-processing reduces the complexity of realtime models and speeds up decision making.

Frequency Domain and Cognitive Modelling.

We build machine learning models within the frequency domain. This allows us to use robust engineering principles to build models rather than rely on brute force statistics. Our algorithms are based on cognitive modelling, enabling us to understand the underlying mathematics, unlike today’s technology which has created a mysterious black box. By using the frequency domain our models scale efficiently to temporal and multidimensional machine learning challenges.



Engineered from the ground up.

We are passionate about engineering and want to apply our passion for complex physics, maths and engineering to deliver commercially relevant AI solutions.  That is why we decided to build the Cogisen AI Platform from scratch, not relying on any of the existing technologies or accepted thinking about artificial intelligence.

Patented tech.

Our approach to engineering has given us the freedom to break things and disrupt how AI technology is designed and built.  This has enabled us to build unique technologies which have delivered a number of patents with more currently being processed.


Use cases.

Real time streaming.

The SENCOGI® video compression plugs into codecs enables service providers to prioritise the areas of a video that are most important to the viewer and improve the overall user experience.  It is compatible with 1080p HD and 4K resolutions on H.264 and HEVC/H.265 codecs. It is suitable for high-end content applications, such as streaming movies, high definition security cameras and Cloud services.



Detection of actions on security cameras.

It is a significant challenge for video streaming applications to detect specific actions, as human interactions can be so nuanced.  The Cognitive AI Platform is able to detect violence more accurately and using less training of the application due to its cognitive modelling approach.

Autonomous Vehicles.

Recognising and interpreting obstacles is critical to the success of autonomous vehicles, but today's state-of-the-art AI technology requires specialist hardware and excessive hours of training. These vehicles are also dependent on the technology being able to make decisions based on incomplete information.  The Cognitive AI Platform extracts meaning and context using less information, which will enable driverless cars to make quicker decisions.




The demand for more sophisticated cybersecurity has increased dramatically as businesses digitise services and engage with customers online.  This has given rise to Cyber AI designed to automate the analysis and diagnosis of cyber attacks.  The Cognitive AI Platform enables organisations to extract meaning and intent from data in digital streams by sifting through vast quantities of information to identify anomalies that could pose a threat.

Key benefits.

We have achieved engineering breakthroughs thanks to our deep understanding of the underlying neuroscience, physics and maths underpinning the way the cognitive mind extracts meaning and context.

Software-only and hardware agnostic.

Cogisen's patented algorithms mean its technology can be easily integrated into a software-only solution or plugged into current server, mobile or programmable hardware platforms rather than requiring expensive specialist hardware.

Reduced cost of implementing AI.

The Cognitive AI Platform ensures AI applications need far less training time to deliver faster, more accurate results.  This also reduces the demand for processing power and hardware, lowering the overall cost of implementing and running AI in a wide range of applications.

40% bandwidth savings.

Using Cogisen’s SENCOGI® compression product the Cognitive AI Platform reduces the amount of storage and bandwidth required by video data. It can operate effectively in noisy, low bandwidth as well as high resolution environments, achieving 40% bandwidth savings without noticeable loss of quality and maintaining low latency.

Artificial Intelligence.